ISEA 2022
Third International Workshop on Intelligent Software Engineering Automation

The 29th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2022) 6 - 9 December 2022 - Japan, Virtual.



The word ‘Smart’ is part of everything we do these days ranging from day to day computer-based applications through to advanced applications for industrial problems. Software Engineering (SE) is no different in this context. The need for novel SE tools and techniques which are highly reliable and greatly robust are order of the day. There is greater understanding that design and evolution of the software systems and tools must be smart if it is to remain efficient and effective. The nature of artifacts, from specifications through to delivery, produced during construction of software systems can be very convoluted and difficult to manage. A software engineer cannot find all its intricacies by examining these artifacts manually. Automated tools and techniques are required to reflect over business knowledge to identify what is missing or could be effectively changed while producing and evolving these artifacts. There is an agreed belief among researchers that SE provides an ideal platform to apply and test the recent advances in AI tools and techniques. More and more SE problems are now resolved through the application of AI, Such as through tool automation. On the other hand, the recent advancements and subsequent application of the SE tools and techniques are explored to improve the productivity of developing AI software that is more reliable and dependable. There is dire need of advancements on two fronts with facets requiring intelligent solutions for software engineering problems and building intelligent software’s by applying software engineering principles. They may include presentations of fundamental or theoretical advances, descriptions of proposed applications, and the effectiveness of deployed solutions.
The international workshop on Intelligent Software Engineering Automation (ISEA) is an initiative to consider above mentioned considerations and challenges. Intelligent Software Engineering Automation (ISEA) aims at bringing together international researchers and practitioners in the fields of intelligent Software Engineering/Automated software engineering to present and discuss applications, experiences and emerging advanced techniques. To this end, the workshop welcomes original articles on every aspect related to intelligent software automation. Workshop aims at the contributions towards having scientific novelty as well as to foster discussion and networking.

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December, 6-9, 2022 (Workshop)- Japan .

Important Dates

  • Workshop paper/ Submission deadline: Oct, 20, 2022
  • Workshop paper notification: Oct, 30, 2022
  • Workshop paper camera ready deadline (strict): Nov, 05, 2022